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Way to enlightenment

One of my favourite phrases: “Literacy – light and illiteracy – darkness. After some years, and experience I came to conclusion that without higher education, it is extremely difficult to go through life. However, everything depends on the goals, that have been set, and main activity that we chose to do till the retirement. In my opinion, higher education broadens personal outlook. Besides this, higher education gives an opportunity to obtain desired and well – paid occupation.  In addition to this, this degree says about certain status in hierarchy of our society.

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Catholic Easter 2016

On March 27, this year, in the Roman-Catholic Church of the capital, a solemn Mass was held on the occasion of the Catholic Easter.

The event was attended by faithful Catholics, members of the Polish Embassy in Uzbekistan, Poles temporarily residing in Tashkent and large group of Tashkent’s Polonia.

As the head of the capital’s Catholic Church, Bishop Jerzy Maculewicz noted that this year in the calendar two big holidays – Navruz and Easter are next in line. According to him, they are united by the fact that each of them provides for the cleansing of people from all evil and the beginning of all the good and bright.

Video report with the celebration of Easter in Tashkent was shown on channel TVP Polonia within the “HaloPolonia!” show.