Summer is a small life

The time runs fast. It is already autumn outside. The weather has changed to cloudy and windy, however we can expect from the weather everything. After all, the weather forecasters expect cold winter this year in Tashkent …

However, if the heart is warmed up my the great memories, even the coldest winter will be nicer and more enjoyable in this case.

And one of such memorable moments for the children of the Polish diaspora in Uzbekistan were exciting vacation that was spent in Poland. The organizer of this trip was the biggest Polish Fund which is established to work with compatriots abroad “Wspulnota Polska”.

This year there were hundreds of participants in the program. Motto of this program was the line of the well-known Polish song «WszyscyPolacy to jednarodzina» ( «All Poles – one family”). Children of Polonia from different parts of the world (Azerbaijan and Brazil, Georgia and Spain, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan) have a unique opportunity to get familiar with their “historical homeland”, its culture and attractions. They also can make friends with each other, as well as have fun and spend useful time!

For kids there was developed an interactive educational program. Every day they went on excursions to historical sites, museums and nature reserves. All conditions have been organized for the most interesting leisure activities such as competitions, relay races, quizzes and workshops on clay modelling, painting and various sport activities. All these activities contribute to the maintenance of outdoor activities and team building. It is pleasant to note that our boys and girls in such diversity have found its rightful place and present with honor their native Uzbekistan.

The meeting with the delegation of the Parliament of Poland was organized by the Foundation as an additional pleasant surprise! For this meeting all members of the teams prepared unique presentations about their countries. The absolute furore was the performance of our “star” Sabina Mustaeva with a song about Warsaw in Polish.

It should be pointed out that the children did not live in a simple hotel, but in a luxurious castle of the fourteenth century – the memorable historic site that belonged to the famous Polish king Jan III Sobieski. This castle has a lot of historical legends and superstitions. One of the stories tells that Napoleon Bonaparte stayed in the castle during his campaign to the East. And now this historical monument is the “House of Polonia”, that is home for Poles from around the world.

In conclusion I should mention that this was marvelous summer “Summer with Poland”

Such trips are necessary for the young generation of Poles who live far from their historic homeland: they introduce the unique culture, with the history, the traditions of the people. All this forms the basis of the spiritual core of a young generation!

Alina Topalova.