«Dream of Angels»

Last Sunday, January 8, 2016, in the Polish Catholic Church there was held the Mass that was dedicated to Christmas and the Fest of Three Kings or Epiphany. After Mass, all participants were invited to the presentation organized by the youth of the organization “Polish Class” in Tashkent. The fabulous and fascinating performance “Dream of Angels”, was directed by our teacher Agnieszka Miculet. Participants could demonstrate their knowledge of Polish language as well as outstanding talent of actors.

After the performance there was the summary of the competition “Christmas card”, that was held in December last year. Main rule of this competition was to express traditions and style of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Poland. Commission was headed by a candidate of art Irina Boguslawska. She has seen hundreds of postcards and made her final conclusion regarding the winners.

The winners in the youth category were:
3rd place – Eva Abgaryan
2nd place – Kristina Ivanova
1st place – Jan Shelaeva
The winners of the adult category were:
3rd place – Kaneeva Regina
2nd place – Dmitry Vlasov
1st place – Natalia Chumak.

And the best work was done by Pauline Golub, who decorated her card with the colors of the flag of Republic of Poland. The organization ‘Polish class’ congratulates the winners, as well as all participants of this art contest!

At the end of such unforgettable evening in a bright festive atmosphere, people had a chance to congratulate each other and wish all the best. Besides this, every participant received three small gifts – feather with kindest wishes, little angel, and, of course, a piece of kindness and warmth of organizers and all the participants.

The event was organized with the financial support of the Polish Embassy in Tashkent.