Report on the election meeting of the community “POLISH CLASS”

Today on October 29, 2016 there was regular meeting of the organization “Polish class”.The agenda for this meeting was to discuss several questions such as:
1. Election of the new administration team
2. Election of the new audit commision team
3. Election of the chairmain of the community “Polish class”
4. Implementation of the changes in the regulations of the community

Based on the results of the meeting there were selected:
– The Management Board of the Company ‘Polish class “composed of:
Kondratenko Elena – Chairman,
Voytsahovsky Andrei Vorontsov Lyudmila, Oleg Karimov, Leytgold Marina, Parvatova Irina – members of the Board;
– Audit Commission composed of:
Avvakumova Elena, Kornienko Valentina, Orel Jeanne.

By ananimous decision of the new draft of the Articles of Association ‘Polish class” was adopted.