To my teacher

I am a teacher, teacher of Russian language and literature. It is well known that it is the most difficult thing is to teach teachers, since they all have their own vision of things.
But it turned out that I decided to learn Polish. The family, where I grew up, had Polish roots, in its genetic heritage.

In the Polish lessons, I met a wonderful teacher Pani Teresa as everyone called her. Every meeting with her was equivalent to attending a performance of an interesting and entertaining story. Pani Teresa taught her mother tongue rather strictly, and, at the same time, diversely, lively, spontaneously and unusually. Her own extraordinary nature and ability to gather people of different characters into a single unit named class, seeped through pedagogy.

 Classes have finished. However we would like to come to our dear teacher once again on Wednesday to the cozy and kind “Polish Class” and continue our studies.

TatianaYeghiyan – Nikol.